We Operate with the 3 P’s as our North Star

People : A Commitment to our Diverse Makers

As many of Redwood Classics Apparel’s makers are of Asian immigrant descent, more jobs have been created to further support diversity, equity, and inclusion.

By sharing the importance of our family textile legacy, we create a platform for marginalized distributors and suppliers to have their voices heard.

    Planet : Apparel for a Thriving Planet

    We recognize our use of natural resources and the impact it has on our environment, and we take steps to minimize our carbon footprint throughout the manufacturing process.

    By producing locally, we minimize shipping emissions and material waste.

    Circular solutions: We use landfill-destined deadstock and turn it into upcycled fabric.

      Prosperity : Fostering a Made-in-Canada Apparel Value Chain 

      70% of the raw material we consume is knit within a 100-mile radius of our factory in the heart of Toronto, Canada, enhancing our ability to rapidly innovate.

      We work with post-secondary institutions to ensure the Ontario region has essential apparel manufacturing skills for the future.


      Interested in Learning More?

      Read our Impact Report in full HERE!