Better. Faster. Stronger. 

Vertical manufacturing translates into superior quality and consistency. It also means shorter turn-around times. Since we operate on North American soil, we offer lower minimums and shorter lead times than offshore operations. It is for these reasons that from know to ship - our Redwood Classics Apparel garment is proudly North American.

Custom Colour

PMS Match

A colour isn’t just a colour: It’s an icon and a living and breathing entity of your brand message. Let us help you find that perfect hue. Any style listed with the custom PMS dye icon means that it’s readily available for PMS-match custom dyeing. For items that are not listed as available for PMS dyeing, please contact our office for more information. 

Garment Embellishing

Specialty Print Techniques

Looking for more than just your standard screen print? Inspired by the most current retail trends, our Specialty Print Techniques include Sustainable All-Over-Print™, Discharge Print, Flock Print, Bleachout Print, Puff Print and more. As the manufacturer, we are able to decorate on panels prior to product assembly, ultimately bringing your vision to life.

Appliqué & Embroidery

Redwood Classics Apparel features our one-stop-shop advantage. Not only will we produce an exceptional garment for you, we can also decorate it to your exact specifications. Using laser and die-cutting equipment to ensure top-notch appliqués, our array of stitching techniques and superior materials warrant an unparalleled finish every time.

Private Label & Custom Styling

Private Label

Our Private Label Program is the perfect solution to rebrand our premium, in-stock apparels. We inventory goods with and without branding, enabling you to rebrand the garments and make them your own. The choice is yours: supply us with your labels or we can custom make them for you.

Custom Styling

Because we all want something special every now and then, we offer emerging brands and designers a platform to bring unique products to the marketplace. As an end-to-end provider, vertical integration is the name of the game. Everything from our regular in-stock fabrics used in the Redwood Classics Apparel in-stock apparel line, to cutting, sewing, product development, dyeing, embellishing, decorating, packing and logistics, we are able to maintain quality along every point in the process.