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Diversity, inclusion, and equality have revealed themselves over the past decade to be our guiding principles. Redwood Classics Apparel understands the importance of diversity to fuel innovation and encourages the innovative mind-set across the company’s direct labour force, which is 80% women. As many of Redwood Classics’ makers are of Asian immigrant descent, more jobs have been created to further support diversity, equity, and inclusion.

By sharing the importance of our family textile legacy, we create a platform for marginalized distributors and suppliers to have their voices heard.

We extend our commitment to supplier diversity to our own supply chain, ensuring at least one quote from diverse suppliers in any category where they may be found.

We encourage and empower suppliers we work with to not only support other diverse companies in the supply chain, but to understand the value proposition that being diverse-certified gives their business.

We provide communications in multiple languages, respecting inclusivity.


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