Redwood Classics Apparel x Preloved Featured in Canadian Business

(TORONTO, ON – January 4, 2016) - Canadian Business has named RW X PRELOVED one of the “3 Things Making Us Better This Month”. In the magazine’s January 2016 issue themed “Innovators of the Year”, the duo is singled out as an anything-but-ordinary alternative to traditional branded merchandise.

RW X PRELOVED is the brainchild of Kathy Cheng, Founder of Redwood Classics Apparel, and Julia Grieve, Founder of iconic vintage clothier Preloved. Teaming up to save hundreds of thousands of sweaters, shirts and unused promotional stock from landfills, the duo has breathed new life into old duds by deconstructing and reimagining pieces that would otherwise hit the trash. Striking the perfect balance between art and science, this process ultimately transforms discarded corporate apparel into unique, sustainable branded merchandise.

Meticulously treated prior to production, each carefully curated complementary vintage fabric is selected for distinctiveness and style. Combined with Redwood Classics’ incomparable fleece, the RW X PRELOVED collection mitigates waste, sustains a domestically produced ecosystem and tells a story.

Handmade in Toronto, the award-winning collection has already been embraced by some of Canada’s top corporate brands. “The reception of this collaboration has been unprecedented,” said KATHY CHENG, FOUNDER OF REDWOOD CLASSICS APPAREL. “For environmental and brand protection purposes, companies want to know that their unused promotional apparel isn’t going into the abyss. We can proudly say that all of our products are made right here on Canadian soil. Not to mention, this is a completely outside-the-box take on corporate apparel. Each

piece is tailored and timeless, so when they’re branded, they create the ultimate marketing solution.”

“Redwood Classics x Preloved strikes the perfect balance between art and technology,” added JULIA GRIEVE, FOUNDER OF PRELOVED. “Consumers want to know where their clothing is made; they want to enjoy responsibly.”


Jessica Green, Cursive PR, at