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Why Redwood Classics Apparel Doesn't Offer Refunds or Exchanges: A Commitment to Sustainability

At Redwood Classics Apparel, our dedication to sustainability and conscious consumption guides our policies, including our decision not to offer refunds or exchanges. As a small business, we are acutely aware of the environmental and economic impacts of returns and exchanges. The retail industry faces significant losses due to inefficiencies in handling returns, estimated at $50 billion annually. This is compounded by over 10 billion unnecessary shipments yearly, leading to avoidable environmental costs. By not accepting returns or exchanges, we aim to reduce this waste and encourage more thoughtful purchasing decisions. We understand this policy requires our customers to be more deliberate in shopping. That's why we provide detailed sizing charts and comprehensive product descriptions to help you make the...

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PromoKitchen Podcast: Redwood Classics' Made In Canada 10-Year Impact Report

Kathy Cheng, Ashley Chan and PJ Tang from Redwood Classics Apparel, Jasmin Bollman from Misfit Marketing Consultancy and Katie Motta from Shift Circular join PromoKitchen Chefs, Johanna Gottlieb and Kate Plummer to dive deeper into the launch of Redwood Classics' made-in-Canada 10-year Impact Report. They cover what it means to be sustainable, what a circular economy is, why women led businesses are important, and dive deeper into their work and advocacy.  Listen to the PromoKitchen podcast here:  Read about Redwood Classics' Impact Report here: 

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Sustainable Customization Program - Earth Hoody (PV893)

Redwood Classics Apparel Launches New Sustainable Customization Program The made-in-Canada apparel maker incorporates innovation and sustainability into creating one-of-a-kind revolutionary customized Earth Hoody   TORONTO, ONTARIO [MARCH 15, 2021] - Redwood Classics Apparel, a Toronto-based premium clothing solutions provider is proud to announce the launch of its innovative and sustainable customization product called Earth Hoody.  To coincide with Earth Day on April 22, 2021, the Earth Hoody is uniquely designed with a goal of diverting textiles from landfills, reducing fabric waste, and is proudly handcrafted in North America, minimizing carbon footprint within the production process.  This revolutionary customization product, Earth Hoody, takes an individual’s worn denim and combines it with the company’s much loved in-stock style, Banff Hoody, to create something completely...

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