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PromoKitchen Podcast: Redwood Classics' Made In Canada 10-Year Impact Report

Kathy Cheng, Ashley Chan and PJ Tang from Redwood Classics Apparel, Jasmin Bollman from Misfit Marketing Consultancy and Katie Motta from Shift Circular join PromoKitchen Chefs, Johanna Gottlieb and Kate Plummer to dive deeper into the launch of Redwood Classics' made-in-Canada 10-year Impact Report. They cover what it means to be sustainable, what a circular economy is, why women led businesses are important, and dive deeper into their work and advocacy.  Listen to the PromoKitchen podcast here:  Read about Redwood Classics' Impact Report here: 

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PPAI Media: Picking Up The Mantle

"For our industry to thrive, we need to have different perspectives." - President, Kathy Cheng of Redwood Classics Apparel Thank you to Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) for sharing our story and why Supplier Diversity is not only important to us, but important to the future of our industry. Read more here:

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