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Sustainable Value Chain Development

Early on, we recognized the importance of developing a sustainable value-chain for our business. Over the past ten years, we have defined and refined the areas that we could have the most impact, including making investments in our factory that will reduce our energy usage and carbon footprint, and fostering partnerships with diverse and environmentally-conscious suppliers. 

Redwood Classics has a deep commitment to made-in-Canada, including rebuilding the Canadian apparel supply chain over the past decade. Very early on in our sustainability journey, we realized that strengthening this value chain in Canada would offer significant benefits to both ourselves and our clients.

To support this commitment, we launched our Commission Knit program which focuses on importing yarn instead of fabric and collaborating with knitting companies to then produce the fabric we need locally.     

This initiative has delivered positive business, social, and environmental impacts, including:

  • Reduced lead times, enabling clients to get products to market quickly
  • Enhanced quality and innovation opportunities to develop new and unique product and service offerings to our clients
  • Supported 199 jobs in 2019, including from our suppliers such as local knitting mills, textile dyers, and textile decorating companies


Interested in Learning More?

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