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Why Redwood Classics Apparel Doesn't Offer Refunds or Exchanges: A Commitment to Sustainability

At Redwood Classics Apparel, our dedication to sustainability and conscious consumption guides our policies, including our decision not to offer refunds or exchanges. As a small business, we are acutely aware of the environmental and economic impacts of returns and exchanges. The retail industry faces significant losses due to inefficiencies in handling returns, estimated at $50 billion annually. This is compounded by over 10 billion unnecessary shipments yearly, leading to avoidable environmental costs. By not accepting returns or exchanges, we aim to reduce this waste and encourage more thoughtful purchasing decisions. We understand this policy requires our customers to be more deliberate in shopping. That's why we provide detailed sizing charts and comprehensive product descriptions to help you make the...

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Chatelaine Magazine: Why Isn’t More Clothing Made In Canada?

Time for a quick experiment. Get up, walk to your closet and read the labels on every piece of clothing you own. Chances are, made-in-Canada pieces comprise no more than 20 percent of your wardrobe and likely even less than that. Thank you to Chatelaine for covering this important topic in their print edition, and for including Kathy Cheng and Redwood Classics. You can read the full article here:

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Sewn In Canada? Chatter That Matters Podcast

Redwood Classics is featured on a podcast hosted by Tony Chapman, Chatter That Matters, with a focus on Canadian SMEs. Joined by experts - Jeanne Beker, David Kincaid & Lori Darlington - this episode focuses on Kathy and Redwood Classics' story and journey, the dreams and challenges faced, and the incredible thought leaders who joined in on her quest, offering insights, inspiration and ideas to help and support Kathy and her business to where they want to go. It is positive, emotional, raw and inspirational, in hopes of helping the millions of Canadians who are either entrepreneurs or would love to be!  Take a listen here: Links & References Tony Chapman, Host, Chatter that Matters Website - https://chatterthatmatters.caTwitter - -

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