Sewn In Canada? Chatter That Matters Podcast

Redwood Classics is featured on a podcast hosted by Tony Chapman, Chatter That Matters, with a focus on Canadian SMEs.

Joined by experts - Jeanne Beker, David Kincaid & Lori Darlington - this episode focuses on Kathy and Redwood Classics' story and journey, the dreams and challenges faced, and the incredible thought leaders who joined in on her quest, offering insights, inspiration and ideas to help and support Kathy and her business to where they want to go.

It is positive, emotional, raw and inspirational, in hopes of helping the millions of Canadians who are either entrepreneurs or would love to be! 

Take a listen here:

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Jeanne Beker, Style Editor at TSC , Author, Keynote Speaker, Host, Freelance Journalist, Creative Director
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David Kincaid, Founder & Managing Partner, Level5 Strategy
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Lori Darlington, VP, Small Business & Strategic Partnerships, RBC
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