Redwood Classics Featured in United Nations Global Compact Report

TORONTO, ON, MARCH 5 2015 – Redwood Classics Apparel is pleased to announce that it has been recognized for superior human rights and social responsibility initiatives by EY in the UN 2014 Global Compact .

"At Redwood Classics, we pride ourselves on our commitment to high-quality, hand-crafted apparel that is made on Canadian soil,” says President Kathy Cheng. “First and foremost, we place a tremendous amount of focus on our people and planet through a strong framework of human rights and social responsibility initiatives. Profit comes after. To be recognized by not only EY but by the UN as well is an incredible accomplishment – one that we are very proud of."

As one of the only Canadian companies featured in the report, Redwood Classics Apparel is a representation of the fact that the Canadian apparel-manufacturing sector and re-shoring efforts by socially conscious brands are making an important impact on the environment and the lives of the craftspeople who make our clothes. "Quality, integrity and respect will always be in fashion," says Cheng.

Download the entire EY United Nations Global 2014 Global Compact Report here, and read more about the UN Global Compact here.


For more information, please contact:

Jessica Green, Director, Cursive PR