The Redwood Classics Team Joins the World in Expressing our Deep Concern and Compassion for the People of Ukraine.

The Redwood Classics team joins the world in expressing our deep concern and compassion for the people of Ukraine. We ask you to join us in raising your voices and standing with Ukraine.

If, like us, you have been searching for a way to help, today we are announcing that we will be crowd fundraising for the Red Cross Canada Ukraine Relief Fund. Until March 18, 10% from every online sale made at will be donated to this fund, with the Government of Canada matching it dollar for dollar. Learn more about this program here:

We are also launching an internal fundraising campaign in our Toronto factory, and we will match the total amount raised to make an additional donation to the Red Cross Canada fund. With this double donation matching campaign, $1 turns into $4.

Every action we take, no matter how seemingly small, makes a big difference. Even supporting your local businesses can have an impact on the global community as we stand together to support our Ukrainian friends.