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Pivot & Shifted to Producing PPE During a Global Pandemic

At the height of the pandemic and beginning of Ontario’s shut-down in March 2020, Kathy and her team saw the critical need for PPE and quickly retooled and pivoted to deliver ready-to-wear reusable mask packs and ready-to-assemble DIY mask kits to assist frontline workers and vulnerable communities. While some manufacturers started shifting production, many were faced with a number of challenges getting products into the market, including U.S. border closures, and supply chains ceasing operations. Despite these challenges, Kathy and her business was ready to help. "In a world where we celebrate technology, and how quickly that technology can be adapted, our silver lining is the ability to transform our factory into a mask-production house until regular factory activities can...

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Whats Your North Star?

What’s your North Star? Hosted by PK chefs, Mark Graham & Jay Busselle, as they have a conversation with Kathy Cheng, who explains the importance of her North Star & how she’s used that to guide her through the challenges of reinvention and innovation.  Listen to the PromoKitchen podcast here: 

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