The Perfect Sweatshirt by Redwood Classics

As with all classic staples, fit & patterns are developed with our in-house atelier.

With a keen eye for quality, our master craftsmen start with sourcing and selecting the finest quality fabrics.

To ensure consistency, each dye-lot is tested for shrinkage, colour fastness and colour dye-lot. Only the finest are then stocked in our highly curated inventory of premium fleece selections.

We do not rely on the standard practice of simply compacting knitted fabrics, claiming "pre-shrunk". Instead, we fabric wash each dye-lot of fabric, starting off by un-rolling each roll.

We then wash and dry the fleece in our in-house laundry facilities to ensure shrinkage occurs at the manufacturing level.

This revolutionary, labour and resource intensive process minimizes our shrinkage to 3 - 5%*.

*Retail average is 8 - 10%. Promotional market averages from 10 - 20%.

Fabric is then re-rolled before it goes to the Cutting Room.

Before cutting, we lay-out fabric, allowing just enough rest time to un-relax to minimize any pattern distortion.

Each handcrafted Redwood Classics sweatshirt is constructed with the utmost care and attention to detail.

Our sweatshirts are constructed with highly specialized four-needle flatlock stitching, resulting in added comfort, better fit and durability.

Each sweatshirt is inspected one at a time for construction quality, colour standards. At this point, we trim any loose threads.

Each garment is given a final, all-over review before it is honoured with our Redwood Classics, Proudly Made in Canada stamp of approval.

At Redwood Classics, we have produced over 35 million sweatshirts.
That's one luxury sweat for each Canadian.


About Redwood Classics

For three generations, Redwood Classics Apparel has strived to provide customers with the highest quality of garment manufacturing available to the North American market. Offering an endless array of decorating, design, and customization possibilities, our dedication to craftsmanship and service excellence produces a truly Canadian product that customers can be proud of.